Outrider Horseback Riding

Authentic Trail Riding In Northern Michigan

We offer Western Style Horse trail rides through the fields and forests of North West Michigan near Traverse City and Sleeping Bear Dunes. All our rides are private, and you’ll never see the same trail twice. We welcome all ages and abilities, including those with special needs. Looking for more than a day trip? We also offer over-night horseback camping adventures.

A view of Northern Michigan from Horseback Horseback riding with kids in Northern Michigan

Outrider is for the folks looking for a real Western Riding experience. With over 20 horses, we can do a darn good job matching riders to a horse they’re going to enjoy. All our rides include walk, trot, and canter as long as everyone is feeling froggy! For the miniature cowboys, we offer hand-led pony rides. If you’ve got a group, we’ve got a wagon.

Family Horseback riding near Traverse City Michigan

We’d being willing to bet our horses are some of the healthiest, happiest, and free spirited animals you’ll find anywhere in the state of Michigan, heck, the whole United States. Many of our horses have a family tree that goes back three or four generations right here on the farm. You could say they’ve got a special place in our hearts. We have a passion about horses and we pride ourselves in how we care for them. We’ve been working horses for 55 years and offering trail rides for the past 13. Ride with us and you’re in good hands.

Trail Rides with children in Northern Michigan horses in the pasture at Outrider Horseback Riding

Call for reservations: (231) 275-7065